Thin, invisible 'second skin' could treat eczema and hide wrinkles – Washington Post

Washington PostThin, invisible 'second skin' could treat eczema and hide wrinklesWashington PostGilchrest doesn't think the cosmetic applications are anything to wrinkle your nose at: The under-eye area produces some of the most visibly prominent signs of aging, and large bags make you seem tired and disinterested. Humans are superficial beasts.Smart second skin reduces eye bags and wrinkles – or so it seemsNew ScientistScientists just found a fix for wrinklesNew York Post'Second skin' goes on over your real skin to smooth your wrinklesSTATFox News 249 news articles »

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Eye Wrinkles, Dark Rings, Eye Bags: Cool Face Exercises To …

What Is A Wrinkle? – Truth In Aging

Truth In AgingWhat Is A Wrinkle?Truth In AgingBut given the time and money we spend on trying to erase them, it seems to me we should get a better handle on what we are dealing with and maybe some new clues as to how to be even more successful wrinkle warriors. It turns out that there's a lot …and more »