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Anti-Ageing Secrets From Across the Globe

Legend has it that Cleopatra used milk while bathing to make her skin softer. Modern science has provided us a wide range of anti-ageing products. However, anti-ageing secrets have been known by legendary beauties. Most of these anti-ageing secrets involve natural products and ingredients. Each generation has handed down these anti-ageing secrets to the next generation.

In this article I have arranged anti-ageing secrets according to country. Needless to say, these anti-ageing routines have tremendous efficacy. They have stood the test of time and hold relevance even today. Let's begin.

1) France.

French women dress gorgeously. In addition, they have beautiful hair and skin. This cannot be an accident. Starting from age ten, French girls are given lessons in skin care, such as applying sunscreen, moisturising, toning, and cleansing. French women give themselves or get facials done at least once every month. Moreover, they opt for a haircut every three to four weeks. It is to be noted that they refrain from wearing too much makeup because there is the preference for a "natural" look. Because they begin grooming themselves with discipline, French women age gracefully and look decades younger than their counterparts from other countries.

2) Italy.

The effects of a Mediterranean diet of olive oil, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and fish, on reduction of disease and promotion of long life are part of folklore. It is no surprise that a majority of these ingredients can contribute to beautiful, supple skin. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. Topical use of tomatoes, in the form of tomato acid, can prevent formation of oil and acne. Is dry skin your problem? Moisturise it with olive oil.

Cracked, dry heels can be taken care of by exfoliating it with a combination of sea salt and olive oil. Italian women don't spend money on expensive creams. High-quality ingredients bought from the grocer does the trick for them. A popular Italian facial involves plain yogurt, which is followed by a layer of fresh tomato juice.

Another facial is comprised of one egg white and one-fourth cup of grapefruit juice. Both these facials provide an instant glow and tighten pores.

3) India.

Before the advent of Bollywood movies, Indian women were renowned as beauty queens. The combination of various spices, such as cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, and ginger, made Indian women gorgeous and pretty. This is in the literal sense. Do you know their best anti-ageing secret? The answer is turmeric facials. Their cure for dark age spots lay in rubbing fresh ginger on the face for numerous minutes over a period of several weeks.

When it comes to blackheads, they prepared an exfoliating mask comprised of plain yogurt and freshly-ground pepper, which also get rid of clogged pores. For acne, they applied a dash of honey mixed with cinnamon directly on the blemish. The flawless complexion of Indian women makes their eye makeup even more graceful.

4) Japan.

The women of Japan are known for their youthful skin, which is the result of application of exotic ingredients. Some of these ingredients include fruits, beans, seaweed, and rice. Sometimes they are consumed in the diet, whereas sometimes they massaged on the face. Consumption of white camellia nut oil for centuries has softened, moistened, and hydrated their skin. In topical form, it can diminish the occurrence of scars and stretch marks. This oil also functions as a hair conditioner. "Geisha" facial, which is derived from nightingale droppings, is also an ancient anti-ageing secret of Japanese women.

Inculcating some of the above anti-ageing secrets will go a long way in enhancing your beauty. There is no single revolutionary product. Beautiful skin is the result of decades of diligent care. Achieving beautiful skin is now made easy, thanks to these anti-ageing secrets from across the globe.

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