Possible peanut allergy treatment – 19 Action News

Possible peanut allergy treatment19 Action News“I was scared that if I shook someone else's hand that I could have a reaction,” explains Josh. Josh is now one of more than 220 kids trying an experimental patch that introduces peanut protein straight into the skin. University Hospitals Allergist Dr …

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Sue – Metal Allergies – Redondo Beach

Allergy shots can help cure itchy skin – WESH Orlando

WESH OrlandoAllergy shots can help cure itchy skinWESH OrlandoThe warm summer months carry a host of inconvenient skin problems, from acne to sunburns, to oily or dry skin, and itchy mosquito bites, all of which make the idea of baring skin so much less appealing. Don't worry — you don't have to wear a muumuu …