Summertime itches – Poison ivy –

RiverBender.comSummertime itches – Poison ivyRiverBender.comAbout 50 percent of people react to poison ivy in nature, although even more than that react with allergy testing. (2). Poison ivy and similar plants are composed of a blend of compounds that form a colorless oil that can get … New poison ivy skin …

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Dr. Jill Cohn, DC, with Her Horse Ishi Talks about Allergies

Hundreds of children treated on beach for allergy – The Portugal News

Hundreds of children treated on beach for allergyThe Portugal NewsOn Tuesday around 250 children from a school in Belém had to be treated on a beach in Carcavelos, Lisbon, after they broke out in an itchy red rash. Sixty-four of those children are reported to have suffered skin lesions. A source form the Maritime …