'How Bleach Baths Saved My Skin' – StyleCaster

StyleCaster'How Bleach Baths Saved My Skin'StyleCasterI'm constantly covering up itchy skin rashes on my legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, neck, eyelids…pretty much everywhere. Working in the fashion industry is both a blessing and a curse — the former because I am pushed to creatively cover up my …

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10 Skin Problems You Can Solve Overnight – Good Housekeeping (blog)

Good Housekeeping (blog)10 Skin Problems You Can Solve OvernightGood Housekeeping (blog)Plagued by dull or flaky skin? Instead of vitamin A, use a glycolic acid cream to slough away the dead skin cells, which will help increase moisture retention. Check the label: You're not looking for straight glycolic acid, but rather its salt compound …