Receding Hairline in Men & Women: Causes and Treatment

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6 Facts About Hair Removal Sprays

Hair removal sprays have been in use to remove unwanted body hair since more than a decade. Usually, they work along with other traditional methods that yank the hair right from the roots, by reducing the hair texture and then removing it entirely. This method is inexpensive when compared with other removal methods.


Types of hair removal sprays.

A very popular kind of spray is the inhibitor. This means they prevent the hair from growing back at its regular pace, and the texture of the new hair is finer. The sprays work to first reduce the amount of hair both in volume and texture and then, over time, stop hair growth completely. These products work well as adjuncts to shaving or waxing.

How to use these sprays.

After your chosen method of hair removal, such as waxing or shaving, apply the spray directly on the specific skin area. Let the spray settle for a bit and then wash it away with the hair. Repeat the process every day for a few months to see perfect results. After several such sessions, hair will begin to recede and stop. Once hair growth in that area stops completely, you can stop using your spray. For permanent hair loss, you might have to undergo about 15 sessions but it is entirely easy to use.

Cost of hair removal sprays.

Sprays are cheaper than the cost of waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal, so anyone would opt for it. Plus, you don't get razor bumps. On the other hand, electrolysis, which is said to give permanent hair loss, is time-consuming, expensive and painful since it targets hair follicles one by one.


If you use the hair removal sprays after shaving, it will reduce your hair growth and lengthen the interval between shavings, but will not give your permanent hair loss.

Side effects of hair removal sprays.

Although there are hardly ever any side-effects from using these sprays, you could encounter some problems with your product. It is common to experience acne and skin irritation in the area where you applied the spray. If you too experience either or both of these side-effects, stop using the product and seek your doctor's advice.

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