Leanne McDowell: Miss NI's beauty more than skin deep – Belfast Telegraph

Belfast TelegraphLeanne McDowell: Miss NI's beauty more than skin deepBelfast TelegraphClear aims to help people suffering with chronic skin conditions and in the two years since its launch, Leanne and her mum have welcomed dozens of people into their home to advise them. In almost every case they have helped clear up the symptoms, …

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Psoriasis Treatment

Is It Shingles or Something Else? – Everyday Health (blog)

Everyday Health (blog)Is It Shingles or Something Else?Everyday Health (blog)If you're not familiar with shingles, you could easily mistake it for another health condition that affects the skin. Shingles involves an outbreak of a red rash and blisters across the face and body, like many other skin conditions — psoriasis …