How to Avoid the 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' Lurking at Florida Beaches –

Health.comHow to Avoid the 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' Lurking at Florida BeachesHealth.comThe good news: Most of us are at a low risk of death, or even harm, from the bug, which some people are calling “flesh-eating” but is rarely that dangerous to watergoers, unless you have an underlying immune problem, like liver disease, and/or an open …and more »

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Scalp Psoriasis Home Remedies

The 10 Qualities of Exceptional People – TIME

TIMEThe 10 Qualities of Exceptional PeopleTIMECounter to what many believe, accolades are not really what success is about. To be rich is to have money and status, but to be wealthy is to have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness plus financial abundance. Exceptional people are those …