Recognizing the signs of mental illness –

9NEWS.comRecognizing the signs of mental illness9NEWS.comMarquez says changes in thinking can include excessive worrying or fear, problems concentrating and learning, hallucinations or thinking of suicide. … Marquez says if you think you are picking up on these signs, consult with a doctor about next steps.Coming out of the mental health 92 news articles »

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How L'Oreal True Match helped me with my Dermatillomania …

With Common Core tests, a lot at stake for first-year principal – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science MonitorWith Common Core tests, a lot at stake for first-year principalChristian Science MonitorAnd the teachers are noticing that student achievement is picking up. “We were able to administer targeted … Recently, a fifth-grade blackboard showed the remnants of a vibrant discussion about young black men, police, and excessive force. “Because …and more »…