The Categories for the Best Hairstyles

In assessing the best hairstyles, the beauty industry seeks to itemize the different qualities that will infer whether a particular brand is making the grade. Of course this is a rather subjective opinion that is prone to the individual tastes and preferences of the people who are given the job of doing an assessment. In general terms, one can look at the classification model as a key feature of the beauty industry. A good look should be simple and yet not simplistic. It must fill the individual with confidence to face the world.

Some stylistic classifications of hair.

The best hairstyles are sometimes based on the "bang" and layering. Beauticians and their clients are looking for something that is dramatic and immediately makes an impact on the audience. If the style is bland and uninspiring then it is highly unlikely that it will be included within the lists of the premium fashions. Ladies and gentlemen always look for unique fashion statements that are not easily replicated. Otherwise the exercise of dressing up becomes futile. The vanity of human beings does not allow them to accept anything that is ordinary. Instead they are always looking to create an impact, regardless of the entry level in terms of styling.

Some of the best hairstyles are concentrated on coloring and the ability to make subtle improvements to the way that the individual looks. Some celebrities such as the late Princess of Wales were able to create dramatic statements by simply cutting their hair. In fact coloring was a very important element to the statements that they achieved. A simple manipulation of gold can shave off years. Politicians such as Anne Widdecombe have been able to create a new style that is often at odds with the strident nature of their work. Recently Michelle Obama made a grand entrance at a state function with a gorgeous bob that had many people commenting that she looked like Whitney Houston, circa 1990.

In some quarters the best hairstyles are the ones that can last a lifetime. We have seen the advent of the weird and wonderful concoctions from salons. There was a time when shaving was considered fashionable. Other people prefer to keep their mane of hair on the loose. The perm was iconic of the 1980s. The roller cullers gave the 1950s women the formidable outlook that enabled them to cope with the post war poverty of their times. Who can forget the images of the distinct 1940s style with women welcoming their loved ones back from the war? These are the impact statements that the best hairstyles can produce.

Creativity and the best hairstyles.

Many people forget the importance of creativity in any design project. The head is a project. It can go disastrously wrong as the Oscar nights have often showed us. That terrible fringe that blighted the 1970s was not an act of malice but a failure to show imagination. The best hairstyles make us think about the world in different ways. They add, rather than subtract from the individual that is wearing the style.

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