15 facts about Irish skin – Irish Independent

Irish Independent15 facts about Irish skinIrish IndependentIf you've got eczema or psoriasis, read the ingredients on your skincare packaging as you would on food labels. "Try to select products which have little or no preservatives, because these can trigger eczematous reactions even in women without a …and more »

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Dermatology Treatments : How to Remove Eczema Scars

The magical wonder leaf Neem: 10 ways Neem works its magic – Green Prophet

Green ProphetThe magical wonder leaf Neem: 10 ways Neem works its magicGreen ProphetInfections are removed from within, which if left unchecked can burst out on the surface as eruptions, pimples, acne, eczema and other skin ailments. 4. Neem paste to treat scars and blemishes. Grind a cup of Neem leaves and add two teaspoons of …