Beauty: face facts – exfoliants are essential, skin refreshers a luxury – The Guardian

The GuardianBeauty: face facts – exfoliants are essential, skin refreshers a luxuryThe Guardian'It seems I infuriated many readers a few weeks back by saying toner is useless. Allow me to explain…' Sali Hughes face facts 'Toners may be lovely, essential they are not.' Photograph: Rui Faria for the Guardian. Sali Hughes. Saturday 6 December 2014 …

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Woman covered in severe eczema which caused 'snowstorm' when she walked cured by PORRIDGE

An eczema sufferer whose painful condition covered her entire body causing a "snowstorm" of flaky skin when she walked has found a surprise cure in the cereal aisle.

Post-Partum Beauty Woes—and Fixes! – Yahoo News

Yahoo NewsPost-Partum Beauty Woes—and Fixes!Yahoo NewsSolution: This one was bewildering. Officially called keratosis pilaris, chicken skin happens when you have too much keratin building up next to the hair follicle. I've always had mild patches of bumps that would crop up once in awhile, but since …