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Why Do I Have So Many Hand Wrinkles?

Have you taken a look down at your hands recently and wondered where all of those wrinkles came from? Surely, they weren't there before! Although hand wrinkles are very common with age, limiting their appearance is a great way of helping to appear younger and maintain healthy looking skin. In order to understand how you can help to get rid of hand wrinkles, let's examine how they are caused and why they form.

As you age and frolic about through your days in the sun, your skin is absorbing the sun's warm rays. However, as part of these rays are the damaging ultra-violet rays. These rays damage the skin, and are a major player in the physical changes that occur with age. Other factors include your own eating and exercise habits, which determine the health of the skin and its ability to maintain itself. Also, with age the elasticity of the skin decreases. As the elasticity decreases, wrinkles become more common and easier to form on various parts of the skin; with the most visible being certain areas near the eyes, on the face, and on the hands.

Why exactly do you have hand wrinkles? Well many of the wrinkles in our skin is completely natural and healthy. It's just a fact of life. Skin is the largest organ in our body and they are living cells, not some sort of elastic material wrapped and formed to our bodies. Most of the wrinkles in the hands are simply caused due to the nature of skin itself and the unique bone structure in the hands.

Other wrinkles are simply the result of time. These are the wrinkles that you notice seem to keep appearing and growing larger as you grow older. These are caused by the factors mentioned above including UV rays, the loss of elasticity, and poor nutrition. These sort of wrinkles you can help to limit.

The best way of fighting any wrinkles is to maintain a healthy diet. Providing the skin with the nutrition it needs, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, is the best way to allow the skin to maintain itself naturally. Also, you have to be sure to treat the skin right. Clean the skin often and treat it with moisturizers and anti-aging hand creams. Anti-aging creams are great ways of helping to maintain healthy, youthful appearing skin.

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