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Wrinkled Fingertips on Blast, Explore the Reality of and the Cure Explored

Have you ever longed down and wondered why you were suffering from wrinkled fingertips? If so, you are far from alone. When it comes to aging most of us automatically associate folds and creases with changes occurring in the face. Other parts of the body, however, can also give in to the natural effects of time and lead to pleats appearing on the tips of the digits. In fact, when we do think of crinkling on the extremities we tend to think of pruning. A condition where the skin takes on a wavy appearance due to exposure to water, usually resulting from a long soak in a hot bath or spending a prolonged length of time, swimming in the pool. These water logged creases, however, are just temporary and the effects will vanish quickly once the exposed areas have had a chance to dry.

What Causes Those Tip Crinkles.

The true furrowed hand and fingertips, however, are not as fleeting. Instead, these wrinkles pop up as we age and are generally a sign of just how much stress these digits have to deal with every day. Just take a moment and think about the many activities your hands and palms carry out every day. These activities include: typing out words on a computer screen, applying makeup, washing the face and body, gripping pens to write letters, combing hair, folding clothing, and cooking. In fact, all of these activities barely scratch the surface of all of the activities that the hands are forced to deal with each day. In actuality, the hands rarely get a moment's rest from the time most individuals wake up in the morning until they finally go to bed in the evening. To complicate this situation even further every day we live, we grow a little older and lose even more of the vital protection against wrinkled fingertips that we had in our youth.

Ultimately, this loss of collagen and elastin, the two key components of young skin, along with the constant abuse that the hands are under, makes this area the first part of the body where wrinkles are likely to show up. Thankfully, however, when it comes to modern natural based skincare treatments, there are not absolutes. These wrinkles can be eliminated by taking advantage of potent nature made ingredients.

Slather on the Protection.

When it comes to sun protection this can just not be stressed enough. Areas that are exposed to the sun will eventually develop wrinkles; it is only a question of when not if. What happens when the sun touches any part of the body is that breaks down collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein found in the epidermis that basically holds it together adding structure, firmness and elasticity. Elastin is also a protein present in the cell structures that provides it flexibility, allowing this organ to stretch out than snap back. When sun damage causes these two proteins to degrade, the results include sagginess that shows up as wrinkled fingertips for some individuals. Protecting these essential proteins means preventing sun damage with a worthy cream for the face. A body lotion packed full of natural vitamin C, also provides some sun protection, meaning that although the vitamin does not block out the sun its antioxidants do act as a barrier to the cellular damage that the sun causes.

There are a number of moisturizers made just for the hands. However, if you find a product that is effective at smoothing away the creases from your face or body it is likely to be just as successful at removing these lines from your hands and fingers. Apply the product at least twice a day but since the hands are constantly in use you may find repeated treatments throughout the day will help prevent dryness. In spite of the fact that dryness is not thought to cause creases it does seem to make the folds you have appear more visible. If you find that a daily lotion is just not enough for your situation add in a nighttime wrinkle cream to your daily regime. These creams are generally thicker which means even more moisture to combat dryness. Nighttime creams are also loaded with additional antioxidants and rich oils that slowly soak into the digits while you sleep and allow you to wake up to skin that is softer and firmer.

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