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3 Important Causes of Aging of the Face That You Can Avoid

The aging of the face is the most apparent, and therefore most people will do just about anything to stop it. The true defense against wrinkles, sagging skin and all those signs of aging is being well-informed.

Because when you are informed, and know the main causes of aging of the face you can prevent them and have youthful, healthy skin through your life.

1. Free Radical Increase.

As we age the free radicals which cause oxidation in our bodies increase, and especially if we have habits like drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, smoking, stressing, and are exposed to pollution.

You can decrease the free radicals simply by eating antioxidant-rich foods and improving your lifestyle. Natural anti aging face creams often contain plenty of antioxidants and will help too.

2. Decreased Production of Collagen and Elastin.

This is another thing that happens naturally as we age; the growth of collagen and elastin decreases and the skin starts wrinkling and sagging. This happens even more for people that don't nourish their bodies with the needed nutrition.

You can facilitate the production by providing all the vital nutrients to your skin so that it keeps up optimal function. You can also apply a cream to your skin that contains collagen growth stimulating ingredients, like Cynergy TK or Coenzyme Q10.

3. Loss of Hyaluronic Acid.

This acid is like the glue between the fibers of your skin, and without it sagging occurs as well as dark eye circles. Hyaluronic acid can't be replaced through supplementation. The levels of it can be restored though, for example through the help from the right anti aging face cream with Wakame-extract.

There is no stopping time or the aging of the face, but you can age gracefully and have beautiful, youthful skin even when you are older.

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