How to Ban Blemishes While Keeping Skin Soft – Good Housekeeping (blog)

Good Housekeeping (blog)How to Ban Blemishes While Keeping Skin SoftGood Housekeeping (blog)If you're tempted to treat your acne with a few old tricks from your teen years, don't. Adult skin is more … And if you only face a pimple or two a month, make that your only cleanser and rely on acne creams for treatment. We Recommend … Slough …and more »

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How To Get Rid Of ACNE Fast! How to get rid of acne fast …

Store-cupboard remedies for skin and hair – Cayman Compass

Cayman CompassStore-cupboard remedies for skin and hairCayman CompassHoney has antibacterial properties due to its low water activity, low pH and the antibacterial compounds it contains, making it a useful ingredient for wound healing as well as acne treatments and prevention. Ancient cultures applied honey onto wounds …