Try These Natural Solutions to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Faster

A few tips for all ladies!

Very simple way to take care about your face beauty, and what is more important NATURAL WAY to make you eyelashes and eyebrows to grow faster and thicker. Try CASTOR OIL! Every night, before you go to bad, put one drop on your fourth finger and gently spread on the end of your eyelashes, eyebrow and go to sleep. One drop for each one. Believe me it's enough. In this point big amount will not make the process faster.

Why on the fourth finger? It's the most sensitive and gentle finger. (When you applying the eye cream or serum you also should use fourth finger.)

Why on the end? It's very simple, when you are sleeping the oil spread equally on your eyelashes. So your eyes will not receive a big amount of oil. You should remember it's for the eyelashes and not for the eyes! Same way as you use eyes products, you not using the eye-serum or eye-cream very close to the eye area. You should gently apply eye-serum around the eye area and under the brow.

Ladies if you are under age 35, please do me a favor, and matter of course for you self USE SERUM and not eye-creme. Eye cream stronger than serum, it's a fact. So, some of us thinking, if I'll use eye cream I will never going to get wrinkles. Ladies it's NOT true. If you going to give to your skin more that she need, in some point nothing going to help. The skin has ability to used to! When you used to you not react you are not even thinking about this it's automatic. That's why you should use stronger product when is skin asking for!

Good luck!

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