Being Jewish: Implications for Holocaust – Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog)

Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog)Being Jewish: Implications for HolocaustJerusalem Post Israel News (blog)The Nuremberg Laws (1935), The Laws for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, describe five levels of blood "purity" although, to my knowledge, the core concept of "blood" as applied to "völkisch" was not itself defined. Would … I suggest …and more »

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Stocks to Cure What Ails on World TB Day – Analyst Blog

Grab These Stocks on World Tuberculosis Day.

Navigating the plus-one – Plainview Daily Herald

Plainview Daily HeraldNavigating the plus-onePlainview Daily HeraldHaving been a dental assistant, I was aware of various odors from different oral diseases. The smell was not … Finally, after three months of worsening gastrointestinal symptoms, his doctor gave him a blood test, and a colonoscopy showed a fist-sized …and more »