Icelanders boost medical research by donating their DNA to science – Los Angeles Times

Daily MailIcelanders boost medical research by donating their DNA to scienceLos Angeles TimesFor instance, genetic abnormalities long thought to guarantee early death now appear to be more common than previously believed, the researchers found. They also discovered new genetic contributors to such varied afflictions as Alzheimer's disease …Landmark DNA study in Iceland reveals new insights into evolution and diseaseDaily MailIn Iceland, treasure chest of genetic information may help find curesGenetic Literacy ProjectIcelandic genome offers clues to human diversity, gene-disease linksMedical Xpressall 97 news articles »

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Genetic study finds severe inbreeding in mountain gorillas

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The most extensive genetic analysis of mountain gorillas ever conducted has found the critically endangered apes burdened with severe inbreeding and at risk of extinction but the researchers still see reasons for optimism about their survival. "We found extremely high levels of inbreeding," said geneticist Chris Tyler-Smith of Britain's Wellcome Trust Sanger …