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What is the Best Eye Wrinkle Treatment – Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream Or Eye Lift?

Having wrinkles around the eyes is not an attractive thing. Not only does it make a person look older, it typically makes them feel older as well. Is there any sort of treatment that can fix the situation and reduce eye wrinkles? As a matter of fact, yes! There are two eye wrinkle treatments a person can opt for in the hopes of getting rid of eye wrinkles; anti wrinkle eye cream or a surgical eye lift.

Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.


– Using an eye wrinkle cream is remarkably cheap. The most this eye wrinkle treatment will cost you is $100 or so every couple of months.

– An eye cream is completely harmless. When you apply it, you will feel no discomfort whatsoever.

– The cream is incredibly easy to use. Simply get a few ounces of cream out of the jar or container and massage it into the skin.

– Most anti wrinkle eye cream is amazingly effective. Some can drastically reduce wrinkles and fine lines within weeks, while others within just days.

– No extreme side effects. You won't have to worry about serious side-effects when applying wrinkle eye cream.


– Some eye creams can take a bit longer to work, weeks to months.

– Some eye wrinkle cream can cost upwards of $100 or more for just a months supply.

– Must continually use the cream to maintain wrinkle free skin.

Surgical Eye Lift.


– Fast treatment. You can be in and out of the clinic the very same day.

– Fast results. Results are typically seen quite quickly.


– Too costly. An eye lift can cost thousands of dollars, all of which must be paid upfront.

– Complications. Although rare, surgery does come with complications and possible scaring. The last thing you want is to lose an eye in return for fewer wrinkles.

– Sick Days. This type of eye wrinkle treatment requires advanced planning and schedule changing. You will likely have to miss some work to keep the appointment as well as to fully heal after the treatment is done.

– Not permanent. Eye lifts will be needed on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to maintain wrinkle-free skin.

– Painkillers. You will likely need to take painkillers post-surgery in order to reduce any eye pain that may occur.

– Sunglasses. For 1-2 weeks after the procedure, you will be required to wear sunglasses, be it inside or outside.

Obviously, no one can decide which of these wrinkle remedies is the best eye wrinkle treatment for you. However, with a quick glance at the positives and the negatives of each one, it shouldn't be THAT hard to determine.

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