Rare disease causes 11-year-old to be allergic to the sun – Fox News

Fox NewsRare disease causes 11-year-old to be allergic to the sunFox NewsSavannah Fulkerson first started getting mysterious blisters and sores on her hands when she was 4. Her mother, Andrea Fulkerson, said doctors pointed to eczema, an inflammatory skin condition that causes itchy blisters, but she was always skeptical as …11-Year-Old Girl 'Allergic' to SunlightWTOPall 19 news articles »

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Caring For the Skin Can Prevent Additional Outbreaks of …

Reasons For Cradle Cap In Babies – BoldSky

BoldSkyReasons For Cradle Cap In BabiesBoldSkyCradle cap in babies is a form of dermatological ailment that appears in the form of greasy, oily and scaly rash on the scalp of the child. It generally manifests in the form of patches that develop around the third month of the child's birth. The …