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Knocking out polycystic kidney disease – Kokomo Perspective

Knocking out polycystic kidney diseaseKokomo PerspectiveHe stopped doing the treatments, and at that point I would guess he probably didn't last a week,” he said. Williams said he's been lucky that he was able to return to work, now being able to do dialysis at home. He said he doesn't feel like this is the …

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Viet Nam vet in medical limbo

Jerry Leverett, a veteran of Viet Nam, is still feeling effects of injuries he received from a 1968 mine blast.

Union Calls for One-Day Strike at ACMH Hospital – The Kittanning Paper

Union Calls for One-Day Strike at ACMH HospitalThe Kittanning Paper“When someone with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder doesn't get their treatments, they slowly suffocate,” Richards, a respiratory therapist, said in a news release. “That wouldn't happen if they were getting the treatments that the doctors have …