Psoriasis Contagious

How to Handle Awkward Moments When You Have Psoriasis – Everyday Health

How to Handle Awkward Moments When You Have PsoriasisEveryday HealthWhat to Do: It's understandable that some people might think your condition is contagious, especially during a psoriasis flare. "Honesty, open communication, and education are your best weapons against false assumptions about psoriasis," said Jameeka …

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Psoriasis Cleanse

Dealing with the stigma of psoriasis – San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio Express-NewsDealing with the stigma of psoriasisSan Antonio Express-NewsOther people often mistakenly believe the disease is contagious, and psoriasis patients often have stories of being denied entrance to a public swimming pool or encountering cashiers who refused to take their money. They're more likely to have …