Keratosis Pilaris White Bumps

Beauty Regime: exfoliating and moisturising – Irish Times

Beauty Regime: exfoliating and moisturisingIrish TimesIn addition to the usual rough patches and flakes many of us are prone to, goose pimples called keratosis pilaris are a common skin condition that most often appears on the upper arms, thighs and bum. The bumps are caused by keratin building up and …

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I don’t have time for glamour — Aminah Sagoe

Aminah Sagoe recently developed a skincare range called Emmaus. She opens up on why she set up the brand Q: How did you delve into skincare treatment? A: The inspiration came about while I was trying to treat my skin condition called keratosis pilaris, aka chicken skin. It is a common skin condition that causes…  [Read More…]

How to (Finally) Treat Those Annoying Back-of-the-Arm Bumps – Allure Magazine (blog)

Allure Magazine (blog)How to (Finally) Treat Those Annoying Back-of-the-Arm BumpsAllure Magazine (blog)Real talk: I've had bumpy arms for as long as I can remember. Despite having tried every treatment under the sun—really, I even tried the sun—my red, patchy keratosis pilaris (or “chicken skin,” as my grandmother so sweetly calls it) plagued my …