How To Treat Skin Irritation

Study aims to uncover why cancer plagues golden retrievers – Valdosta Daily Times

Valdosta Daily TimesStudy aims to uncover why cancer plagues golden retrieversValdosta Daily TimesMarla Yelta of Denver says her nearly 2-year-old golden retriever, Snickers, joined the study and has been suffering from skin problems. Yelta uses oatmeal shampoo on her pet, but she's looking forward to talking with other participants about their …and more »

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How to Treat Heat Rash

Dr Chireka: About skin-lightening creams – New

New Zimbabwe.comDr Chireka: About skin-lightening creamsNew Zimbabwe.comSteroid creams can be used under the supervision of health professionals to treat skin diseases but skin lightening creams have high dose of steroids and are sold on the black market. Unmonitored use of high-dose steroids in skin lightening creams can …