Difference Between Psoriasis And Eczema

Two-gene test differentiates psoriasis from eczema – Medical News Today

Two-gene test differentiates psoriasis from eczemaMedical News TodayIn their introduction, the researchers behind this latest study explain how the complex appearance that both psoriasis and eczema present often varies widely among different patients – and the genes involved in each disease can differ between patients …and more »

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How To Get Rid Of Eczema Forever | Eczema Dermatitis Rash …

Is It Psoriasis or Something Else? – Everyday Health

Everyday HealthIs It Psoriasis or Something Else?Everyday HealthLike psoriasis, eczema (as shown) is a very itchy skin condition. Scratching causes redness and inflammation of the skin, leading to a worsening of the eczema. Scratching can also cause a secondary bacterial infection. The most common type of eczema is …